Saturday, August 4, 2012


I always thought it was kind of silly when authors worried about forgetting someone in their acknowledgments....  I mean, are you going to forget your agent or editor?  Your parents or significant other?  So I wasn't too worried when I wrote my acknowledgments page, although I did check it over a few times.  Now, I'm sure you know where this is going....

First, let me say that self-publishing a book kind of feels like
 You have to worry about formatting (which is especially hard for a verse novel, let me tell you!), cover, contacting reviewers, websites and goodreads, etc. etc...

Yeah, yeah.  So I'm sure you're all wondering...who did I forget?  Was it my long-dead great-great-great grandparents, without whom I would never have been born?  Was it that lady who paid for my coffee at Starbucks that one time?  No.  It was...


The first person outside of my family who read my manuscript, the one who gave me invaluable advice on how to clarify my protagonist's character development.  My family members had (INCORRECTLY) conflated my heroine with me a little bit, so they weren't able to tell me that some aspects of her character were still unclear and needed to be developed further!

But guess what?  There is one really cool thing about self-publishing an ebook: you can change it and upload an updated version of your manuscript at any time, and it will be live within a day or so.  So Sara, if you're reading this...wait about 24 hours before downloading the kindle sample, okay?

And, to all the other people who've contributed to my writing over the years, the ones I haven't realized I've forgotten yet...


  1. It's funny that you posted this because I was JUST thinking about how I need to write a list. I'm sure no matter who you may forget, they'll understand you didn't mean to. :)

    1. Yes, and at least now I'll know for next time!