Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Poetry for Your Weekend

I've been working on another interview for a book blogger, and the blogger in question asked me a great question--whether I like poetry and if so, who are some of my favorite poets?  I do like poetry, although I've accepted that I'll never be able to understand what makes some poems worthy of The New Yorker while others aren't...  But that's a whole different discussion.  Anyway, since I was thinking about my favorite poets and happened to be at the library today,  I decided to pick up a few books by one of my favorite contemporary poets, Louise Gluck.  And some of these lines are so beautiful, I just wanted to share...

So here's a little poetry for your weekend.  These are all from Louise Gluck's collection Vita Nova if you want to read more:

from "Vita Nova:"

Surely spring has been returned to me, this time
not as a lover but a messenger of death, yet
it is still spring, it is still meant tenderly.

from "Aubade:"  (title means a song for the dawn--I had to look it up!)

I had two desires: desire
to be safe and desire to feel.  As though
the world were making
a decision against white
because it disdained potential
and wanted in its place substance.

from "The Queen of Carthage:"

Now the Queen of Carthage
will accept suffering as she accepted favor:
to be noticed by the Fates
is some distinction after all.

from "Formaggio:"

The world
was whole because
it shattered.  When it shattered,
then we knew what it was.

It never healed itself.
But in the deep fissures, smaller worlds appeared:
it was a good thing that human beings made them;
human beings know what they need,
better than any god.

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