Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Blog Design--and a Little Contest!

I told myself I wouldn't write another blog post until I finished my freelance editing jobs, and I kept getting more and more editing jobs, so...this is WAY overdue, but you may have noticed my gorgeous new blog design!  I have to thank Giselle at Xpresso Design for giving me EXACTLY what I wanted, very quickly, at a very reasonable price!

In addition to Xpresso Design and her very popular blog, Xpresso Reads, where she reviews books so quickly and intelligently that she makes me super-jealous, Giselle has just started another venture that I'm sure will be just as successful:

And speaking of blog own blog tour, to be hosted by YA Bound, is coming up in just a few weeks!!!

I am SO very excited, but since I've been (and am still!) so behind with my work, I still have to write most of my guest posts!  If anyone has a suggestion/request for a guest post they'd like to see, please feel free to comment, tweet me, etc.!  In fact...

...drumroll, please...

...I am having such a hard time thinking of topics that the first person who gives me one--whether or not I use it--will receive an epub or mobi copy of Defy the Stars!

So I may not get any responses, but if I do I will love you forever!

***Update: The contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who responded!  If you want to give me more suggestions, feel free, but no more free ebooks for now!***

Thanks for reading as always, and happy second-half of October!


  1. The design looks great! And good luck with the tour! :D

  2. The new design is gorgeous, Giselle did an excellent job!:)
    Guest posts topics? I thought bloggers choose the topics, usually.
    Write about common mistakes when writing a novel.

  3. That's a good one! Believe me, I make a LOT of mistakes! And in my case, no, the bloggers aren't choosing the topics. If you'd like a free copy, you can email me at thaliansmhc at yahoo dot com.

  4. I would suggest to discuss your future goals. Becoming an author is like a dream come true. Once that dream is reached, where do you go? Try a series? Change genres? What do you see on the path before you?

  5. I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you so much!