Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Means Blog Tour...and Sale

First of all, Happy Halloween, Happy November, and Happy Fall!

It looks nothing like that where I am in Southern California, but it's pretty, isn't it?

I am particularly excited for November because my FIRST EVER blog tour will be here in just four days!  Starting on November 5th, you can check in here every day for links to all the blogs hosting reviews, promo posts, and giveaways for Defy the Stars.  (Yes, I will be posting six days in a row--shocking, I know!)

Now for the really exciting celebrate the blog tour, I'm putting Defy the Stars on sale for .99 from Nov. 1st to 10th.  This will be the LAST sale of the year, so grab it, tell your friends (and enemies, if you want!) know the drill!

I also want to take this chance to thank every reader and potential reader of Defy the Stars for your support, and especially to thank Nereyda at YA Bound for what I know will be a great tour.

So once again, happy November, everyone!

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