Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another (Not-So-Silly) Precious Things Teaser

In case you read my last teaser and thought my entire book was going to be marvelously clever and outrageously hilarious...  It's not.  I wish I could write a book like that, but I can't.  Also, while Precious Things does have romance, and it will get steamier than most YAs, it's not as focused on romance as many New Adult books are.  It's more the story of my MC Isabelle's transition into a college life that's not exactly what she expected or hoped for, including friendships, classes, relationships with professors and family, and work/financial stuff as well as a romantic relationship.  I don't know whether that makes you horribly disappointed, super-excited, or more likely, you don't spend every waking moment thinking about Precious Things like I do, and it's not that big a deal to you either way...

But in case you're still reading after my blabbing, I have a short teaser that shows the kind of issues the book will address.

“My goal is a Ph.D. in English literature by the time I’m twenty-five.”  It just rolls off my tongue; after all, I have been saying it since I was eight.  In third grade, I discovered the Little House books and got really into reading; then someone—I can’t remember who, maybe a teacher or a customer at Teatime—told me the “best” you could be at reading was a Ph.D. in English.  I wanted to be the best, so I started saying I was going to get my Ph.D…and once the word spread that an eight-year-old was talking about getting her Ph.D. in English, and it was darn cute, every adult I came into contact with asked me about it.  Pretty soon the response was second nature, and somewhere along the line, as I got older, it transformed from a cute, precocious kid thing to my actual college plan.       
    To tell the truth, this is the first time I’ve really, consciously thought about it in years.  And yes, I did spend half of last year writing application essays about my educational goals.  I thought a lot about how to convince admissions officers I belonged at their prestigious schools…but I didn’t think about what I’d really, truly be doing once I got into, and then through, college.
Of course, my plan’s all shot to pieces now.


  1. Great teaser. I can't wait to read this. It sounds really awesome!!

  2. Thank you! Hope it lives up to your expectations! :D