Sunday, April 21, 2013

In case you were wondering...

Isabelle, the MC of my upcoming new adult contemporary Precious Things, is NOT a virgin.  So that's at least one NA stereotype the book won't fall into.

Things get slightly more interesting by Friday evening, when the first of two unusual e-mails arrives.  I’m hoping for a message from Jenny, but instead, the address in my inbox makes me flinch in shock:  Andrew Fallstaff, as in my eleventh-grade boyfriend, who moved three states away a year ago and whom I haven’t spoken to since?  Stanford as in Stanford, California, as in Stanford University?  Andrew is at Stanford
I’m not sure what flummoxes me more—that Andrew is at such a great (and expensive) school, or that for some reason, during what must be his first few days of college, he’s suddenly decided to get in touch with me.  I guess we did date for almost a year, but when he moved the summer before senior year, I was honestly relieved.  Senior year would be about applications and campus visits, and college would be about academics and new people and maybe even a new me…and Andrew just didn’t fit into any of that.  The only thing even slightly significant about our relationship, at least from my perspective, was that I lost my virginity to him.  And my main reaction to that whole ordeal was to be glad it happened in the backseat of Andrew’s car instead of mine.


  1. Stephanie!!!! Gah, I need Precious Things right now. Your teasers are such teases! (Duh). But huhuhuhu, I need it nooooooow. Great job making us really REALLY excited for it! <3