Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on FORTY NIGHTS (Neima's Ark, Book Two)

This probably won't come as a huge surprise, considering I haven't mentioned Neima's Ark much lately,'s not going to come out in June, as I'd originally planned.  I am hoping to have it out by the end of July, but I'm changing the Goodreads date to August because I don't want to have to change it again, like I did with Precious Things.

I know this sucks, and I'm really sorry.  Precious Things took me much longer to finish than I was hoping, and my job this summer is also a lot more intensive than I was hoping, and requires a lot of outside-of-work lesson-planning time.  However, I'm going to do my best to get Forty Nights out as soon as possible, while still making it as good as I can.

I do have the cover for Forty Nights, and I'll be organizing a reveal for it soon.  Also, if you're worried you'll have completely forgotten Forty Days, I do plan on putting a bit of a cheat-sheet reminder at the front of the book--sort of an expanded version of the family tree at the front of the last book.

Thanks everyone

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