Monday, July 8, 2013

Help Me Make Forty Days Free!

I'm about to ask for a favor, so feel free to ignore this post and just...

If you're still here...

In preparation for the upcoming release of Forty Nights, the conclusion of the Neima's Ark story, I want to make Forty Days permanently free on amazon...but I need your help!  I've made Forty Days free on Smashwords, and in order to get Amazon to price match, I need as many people as possible to report the lower price to Amazon so they'll change their price as well.  What you do is, first copy the Smashwords link below:

Then go the Forty Days Amazon page here.  Scroll down to the Product Details, and at the bottom you should see a link that says "tell us about a lower price."  Click on that, select that you saw the lower price on a website, and it will give you a place to paste the website URL--that's where you paste the smashwords website above.  Then put 0 for the price, click "Submit Feedback," and you're done!   It's really easy, I promise!

Thank you in advance to everyone who does this!